Turner Prize Shortlist Announced, UK Press Begins Bashing

Last year, faith in the Tate‘s Turner Prize was rekindled when it was awarded to the dark horse in the contest, the Scottish artist Richard Wright. Even the Guardian‘s usually Turner-sour critic Jonathan Jones said Wright was “one of the worthiest Turner winners ever.” Now the shortlist for the 2010 prize has just been announced, which includes four artists, two of which are surprisingly painters (there haven’t seem to have been many duplicate mediums in previous years), and none of whom are Banksy, who people have been expecting for the past few years to make the list. The artists are said painters Dexter Dalwood and Angela de la Cruz, sculptor Susan Philipsz, and film-duo the Otolith Group. The Guardian has this great rundown on each of the finalists, giving you ample information to help you make your wagers. Also, you have plenty of time; per usual, a winner won’t be announced until early December. In the interim, you’ll also have ample opportunities to read all kinds of criticism about the Turner, and how it might be losing its importance, etc., which has become par for the course anymore, it seems.

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