Turning Your LinkedIn Profile From Average To Perfect

Still trying to figure out how to get something out of your LinkedIn page?

Lewis Howes thinks he’s found the answer.

He apparently spent eight hours a day working on his profile while recuperating from a wrist injury; all that time spent tweaking paid off, and he’s now a LinkedIn marketing guru and public speaker.

According to SmartBrief, Howes’ biggest tips for a “perfect” profile is to pick one keyword that defines you, and stick with it.

That keyword needs to appear in five places in your profile:

1. Headline
2. Current experience
3. Past experiences
4. Summary
5. List of specialties

Putting the keyword in those five places will help move you up in LinkedIn searches and help people who are looking for experts in your field find and connect with you, says Howes.

Looking at his personal profile he definitely is practicing what he preaches—the word “sports” is everywhere. Apparently he comes up first in most searches for the word “sports”. He also has about a thousand recommendations, aka 999 more than any of us have. Maybe that’s the trick.

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