Turns Out Jeb Can’t Even Fix His Own URL

How about "JebCanFixWhat" (dot) com?

Poor Jeb (exclamation point).

He was supposed to be the heir apparent to the GOP nomination, only to be thwarted by a fuzzy tangerine with a bad TV show. Then, without reservation — or so it seemed — he changes his campaign slogan to mimic a children’s movie proving just how out of touch he can be.

And that’s what brings us to this story — Dateline: Austin, Texas.

While Jeb was talking to the community of Portsmouth, N.H., or whatever seaside port of call at which he was located, a former candidate for Austin city councilman, Jim Flannigan, had an epiphany while watching Fox News or something.

So, he bought JebCanFixIt.com. Go ahead, check it. We’ll wait…

logo-smIf you have been in the PR community for any amount of time, you know that there is no such thing as an original idea. And that includes boneheaded slogans too. Aside from the pop culture reference, someone else was inspired by a kid’s movie too.

Evidently, Jimmy had the slogan first as he ran under the banner of “Flannigan Can Fix It.” When word got out about this “coincidence,” Flannigan began telling everyone that would listen that Dubya’s brother stole the slogan from him. (Yeah, they both stole it, but never mind that right now.)

“When I decided to use ‘Flannigan Can Fix It’ in my City Council race, I bought the domain name while we were in the planning meeting. I wouldn’t breathe a word of anything to anyone before buying a domain name, or at least assessing the what might happen if I don’t own it,” Flannigan wrote in an email to Politico.

“When I first heard it leaked last week, the first thing I did was see if he had bought the domain name, since Jeb has a history of not buying domain names. So I was surprised, but not shocked.”

Wait! Before you email the GOP your idea about JebCanFixIt.org, that’s gone too. And this one is owned by some haters, a group that Flannigan wouldn’t mind meeting apparently:

“I’m not a fan of Jeb (or anyone in the Republican field) but I almost feel bad for him since he’s having such a hard time with his campaign,” he continued. “It can’t be easy to be constantly overshadowed by your dad and brother.”

When asked if he would entertain an offer to buy it, Flannigan responded: “Of course! There are never enough resources to do the hard grassroots organizing required for the good governance I fight for at the local level.”

Politics. What a small — and depressing — world it is.

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