Turns Out San Fran Lyft Drivers Don’t Mean to Kidnap After All

Proof why eye contact really does matter.

Uber, a ride-hailing juggernaut, has experienced more than its share of issues with reputation management. Specifically, because of some of the gomers who drive for them.

Perhaps it is the vetting process with Uber. Maybe it’s because everyone is lying to an extent during an interview. Whatever the reason, some of the Uber drivers have issues too.

Well, move over Uber, you are finally not alone, thanks to a Lyft driver in San Francisco.

There he is, driving a lovely 28-year-old woman from the Diamond Heights neighborhood to her house up the road. The fare shared her address, the driver from Lyft groaned, and then it happened…

The driver immediately took off in the exact opposite direction the fare requested. She screamed, jumped out of the car while it was taking off, broke her ankle, and called the authorities. Apparently, following her stint of watching slasher movies during the Halloween weekend, she assumed she was about to become the victim of a kidnapping and the latest actress in a B-list slasher film.

The woman had told the driver to stop, [Officer Albie] Esparza said, but the driver kept on going. The woman jumped out of the car at a stop light and took off running, breaking her ankle in the process.

A scene from a movie, right? Gives you the chills thinking about it? Surely, this #PRFail will do Lyft in. Eh, not so much…

It turned out that the driver was hard of hearing and did not hear the woman’s request to stop, Esparza said. Investigators believe he was heading toward the woman’s home, but via a different route from what the woman expected.

Yes, really. To add salt in that wound, The Daily Dot shares this:

A Lyft spokesperson told the Daily Dot that the driver in question “has a sign in his car that he is hearing impaired and has a notepad available for passengers to communicate with him.” Lyft also frequently hires hearing impaired drivers in San Francisco.

Maybe next time, we should all get our noses out of the phone and try being nice to the driver. At least, one person will do that moving forward.

[FEATURED PHOTO: Justin Sullivan, Staff / Getty Images; STORY: SFGate.com]