TV Guide Magazine Gets A Makeover To Benefit TV-Hungry Drone People

TV Guide is the latest magazine to give itself something of a facelift (or, you know, eyelid reconstruction or nasal inversion or whatever term you’d prefer) recently.

The magazine has reorganized its content with a color-coded system corresponding to the days of the week and “Highlights” showing editors’ viewing recommendations but, sadly, a gross lack of heartwarming and educational Goofus and Gallant comics. TV Guide will also begin featuring information on other modes of viewing television shows, like Hulu.

The updated TV Guide magazine will be available on newsstands April 15. Subscribe can also eventually receive a daily email newsletter with links to the TV Guide Web site.

All these updates were implemented as a result of extensive research, which also showed that TV Guide subscribers “watch a staggering 42.1 hours of TV a week, but 60 percent of them use DVRs for time-shifted viewing off of the typical TV schedule grid. According to their surveys 93 percent of readers say they use the magazine to make viewing decisions.”

We do not know a single one of these people.

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