TV Job Market Is (Still) The Best Ever By Raw Numbers, But Salaries Are Decreasing

The David Crane Agency announced yesterday that they’ve seen more TV news jobs posted in the first quarter of 2010 than in any other quarter in more than thirty years.

That’s no small potatoes.

“I thought perhaps January was a fluke, ” said Steve Swienckowski, President of DCA, in a statement. “But, when February was strong and March even stronger, I can say with great certainty– this is no fluke.”

DCA is an agency that represents on-air talent. The company tracks the TV jobs market every month and updates the DCAJX, the appropriately named DCA Jobs Index. The index for March 2009 was 92/100, not the highest it’s been (that was January with 93/100), but cumulatively these numbers make for the best quarter in TV jobs in thirty years.

We contacted Swienckowski for more information—after all, can we really call it a “strong” job market if the hiring is simply due to employers realizing they cut too many jobs last year?—and he noted:

“There’s no doubt much of this stems from pent-up demand. After-all, last year was pitiful for job seekers.

“One caveat: most of the jobs in the past three months have been much lower-paying than in years past. In fact, the salaries of the people we placed this year average twenty percent lower than those we placed in 2008.”