TV Shows Again Dominate Facebook Growth on Our List of Top 20 Pages

For the second week in a row our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages was taken over by television shows, edging out list regulars like Texas Hold’em Poker and Justin Bieber.

Of course there were a few random Pages this week, too, but by and large our list generated by PageData, which measures the number of fans added to Pages was dominated by TV.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Family Guy 5,351,572 +2,014,575 +60.37
2. House 4,847,081 +1,305,388 +36.86
3. The Office 2,515,347 +983,411 +64.19
4. Lost 2,972,203 +843,349 +39.62
5. South Park 4,595,997 +679,679 +17.36
6. Scrubs 2,819,834 +668,020 +31.04
7. Desperate Housewives 1,235,169 +656,004 +113.27
8. Two and a Half Men 2,439,330 +503,779 +26.03
9. Titanic 2,620,840 +460,969 +21.34
10. Bones 828,175 +456,553 +122.85
11. Galatasaray 3,243,738 +441,523 +15.76
12. Prison Break 2,067,752 +413,504 +25.00
13. CSI: Miami 1,153,105 +388,793 +50.87
14. Superbad 815,027 +383,337 +88.80
15. Seinfeld 1,036,278 +380,737 +58.08
16. Gossip Girl 2,747,198 +368,709 +15.50
17. Sex and the City 609,173 +363,132 +147.59
18. Pink Floyd 2,561,654 +343,032 +15.46
19. The Killers 1,441,231 +337,587 +30.59
20. Lil Wayne 4,052,797 +336,004 +9.04

We saw a similar pattern last week, if you recall, when just under half our Pages belonged to television shows; this week the number is 14. A few movies and musicians, and a Turkish sports club round out the list.

Last week we attributed this radical change in the makeup of our list, at least partially, to Facebook’s Community Pages push. That’s to say, many unofficial Pages are being rolled into the official ones to clean up the Pages population, and from here on out fans will only have Community Pages as an alternative. We suspected that, perhaps, TV shows were one of the first categories the company decided to consolidate. Because we’ve seen unofficial Pages like this dedicated to specific characters, couples or catchphrases from a show/movie and also Pages that detest a particular aspect of a show/movie, so there’s no shortage of fans for Facebook to roll into official Pages.

Most of the Pages on our list this week have been very stagnant, both in terms of fans or major activity either on the Page or on television, for a long time. It doesn’t appear that television’s conquest of our Top 20 Facebook Pages list is the result of pure marketing, but rather, the shows are doing what they’ve always done — yet experiencing radical growth. Take the show “Scrubs,” for example, which grew by almost 670,000 fans in the space of a week, yet hasn’t updated its Facebook Page since March. The movie “Titanic” is more than 10 years old and “Seinfeld” and “Sex and the City” have been off the air for years.

In any case, to the list.

In first place was “Family Guy,” which grew to 5.3 million fans after adding more than 2 million fans during the past week. Taking a look at PageData’s record of the show’s Page illustrates a pattern present, to lesser degrees, for most of the shows on this list. That’s to say, a month ago growth was zero, but in the past week it skyrocketed. The show also recently screened its 150th episode.

House” took second place, adding 1.3 million fans to grow to a total of 4.8 million and the Page has also been promoting the show’s iPhone app. “The Office” followed in third place, adding 983,400 fans to grow to a fanbase of 2.5 million. “Lost” followed at number 4 — this show also happens to be in its last season with the finale set to air shortly and consequently has 2.9 million fans with the 843,000 added this past week.

South Park” took fifth place, adding 679,700 fans to its base of almost 4.6 million and “Scrubs” came next in sixth place, adding 668,000 fans to grow to 2.8 million fans. Number 7 was “Desperate Housewives,” which added 656,000 fans to grow to 1.2 million fans.  “Two and a Half Men,” added almost 504,000 fans to finish with 2.4 million fans.

Then there was “Titanic” at number 9, which I’m sure we can remember was the first movie to ever gross $1 billion worldwide — released in 1997. Somehow, despite having practically zero growth a month ago, the Page added 461,000 fans this week to grow to 2.6 million. There was another movie on the list this week, from 2008, “Superbad,” which grew by more than 383,000 to 815,000 fans.

Television shows made up most of the rest of the list. “Bones” in tenth place, adding 456,500 fans to more than double its fanbase to 828,000. “Prison Break,” no longer in production, came in at number 12, adding 413,500 fans to grow to more than 2 million fans. “CSI: Miami” at number 13, grew almost 389,000 to 1.1 million fans, another show that had zero growth this time last month.

Seinfeld” at number 15 added 380,700 fans to pass 1 million fans; this is another show that’s had stagnant Facebook growth and the show ended in 1998. “Gossip Girl” was next at number 16, adding 368,700 fans to inch closer to 3 million with 2.7 million fans. Finally, “Sex and the City” took the number 17 spot, adding more than half its current base (609,000) when it grew by 363,000 fans; this show went out of production in 2004.

The rest of the list was comprised primarily of musicians, although Turkish sports club Galatasaray made the list at number 11, growing 441,500 fans to 3.2 million last week. The club is popular and has made our list before.

Pink Floyd was at number 18, adding 343,00 fans to grow to 2.5 million fans while The Killers added 337,600 fans to their Facebook fan hub, growing the Page to a 1.4 million base. Finally, rapper Lil Wayne added 336,000 fans to his Page, passing 4 million fans.

Is Facebook settings its Page consolidation sights on musicians’ Pages next?

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