TV Shows and Musicians Once Again Gain Most Fans on Our Top 20 Facebook Pages List

Television shows and musicians held their grip on our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages again this week, edging out all others except for Texas Hold’em Poker. Many of these shows experienced higher growth during the beginning of last week that tapered off during the rest of the week; note that some of the shows are off the air and some of the musicians aren’t currently promoting their music.

We’ve speculated that the invasion of entertainment on our Top 20 Pages list was due to some sort of Page consolidation by Facebook. This list is compiled with our PageData tool, which counts the number of fans added to Pages daily.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Family Guy 6,770,326 +574,947 +9.28
2. Drake 1,563,689 +519,236 +49.71
3. House 5,723,204 +360,065 +6.71
4. Texas Hold’em Poker 18,216,436 +297,424 +1.66
5. Justin Bieber 3,786,890 +272,069 +7.74
6. Lost 3,584,775 +245,304 +7.35
7. The Office 3,136,580 +233,349 +8.04
8. South Park 5,104,150 +217,510 +4.45
9. Two and a Half Men 2,877,521 +196,599 +7.33
10. Desperate Housewives 1,699,602 +191,949 +12.73
11. Scrubs 3,288,371 +190,731 +6.16
12. Titanic 3,034,459 +190,343 +6.69
13. Lil Wayne 4,378,949 +161,046 +3.82
14. Westlife 230,379 +155,691 +208.46
15. Taylor Swift 4,443,941 +135,577 +3.15
16. Pink Floyd 2,853,052 +131,313 +4.82
17. Bones 1,148,932 +129,416 +12.69
18. Prison Break 2,374,989 +127,015 +5.65
19. CSI: Miami 1,450,966 +126,853 +9.58
20. Muse 2,253,883 +118,020 +5.53

Family Guy” was number 1, adding 575,000 fans to reach 6.7 million, the Page hasn’t been updated in the last week. Medical drama “House” was third, active on the Wall this week, adding 360,000 fans to its base of 5.7 million. Zynga’s Texas Hold’em Poker was fourth place this week, adding 297,400 fans to more than 18.2 million, growing by 148,000 fans on Wednesday.

Musicians made up a substantial part of our list this week.

Rapper Drake came in at number two, adding most of his fan base, 467,000 on Friday to grow to 519,200 fans. Teen pop star Justin Bieber took the number 5 spot, adding 272,000 fans to grow his Page to 3.7 million; he’s been on American talk shows this week. Lil Wayne, a rapper who’s currently incarcerated, came in at number 13, adding 161,000 fans to his base of 4.3 million. He’s been promoting himself on Facebook by asking fans to write to him in jail, also by selling a t-shirt with his nickname, “Free Weezy.”

Band Westlife took the number 14 spot, adding most of its fans, 155,700, to its base of 230,400 fans; there was a big jump on Saturday of 149,300 fans. Taylor Swift followed at number 15, adding 135,600 fans to 4.4 million on the Page already; she’s been recently nominated for more music awards. Rock bank Pink Floyd added 131,300 fans to its base of 2.8 million; there hasn’t been any activity on the Page this month. The band Muse rounded out the list at number 20, adding 118,000 to a total of 2.2 million; the band is promoting a new album.

Lost” is set to end in a few weeks, landing the number spot adding 245,000 fans to its 3.5 million base. At number 7 was “The Office,” adding 233,000 fans to grow to 3.1 million; several of the show’s stars were on talk shows last week. Next was “South Park” at number 8, adding 217,500 fans to grow to 5.1 million fans; the Page hasn’t been updated since April. “Two and a Half Men,” added 196,600 fans to grow to 2.8 million and come in ninth, “Desperate Housewives” was number 10, adding 192,000 fans to grow to 1.7 million and “Scrubs,” which had its season finale in March, took the number 11 spot, adding 190,700 fans to grow to 3.2 million fans.

The 1997 blockbuster “Titanic” came in at number 12, adding 190,000 fans to grow to more than 3 million fans; although there’s never been any activity from the Page administrator on the Wall, fans continue to post there.

Rounding out the list was “Bones” at number 17, adding 129,400 fans to its 1.1 million base, “Prison Break,” a show no longer in syndication, adding 127,000 fans to 2.3 million already on the Page and “CSI: Miami” and number 19, adding 126,800 fans to a base of 1.4 million.

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