Tween Social Media Site Everloop Partners With Mattel And National Geographic

Everloop, leading social media site for kids under 13, has just announced that they will be aligning with National Geographic’s Animal Jam and Mattel’s Monster High. Everloop provides a safe and secure network for kids to socialize while both National Geographic and Mattel brands bring entertaining kids-centric content.

Everloop, a social media site for kids under 13, recently announced that they will be aligning with National Geographic’s Animal Jam and Mattel’s Monster High. Everloop’s safe and secure network for tween socializing will provide National Geographic and Mattel a cool platform for interactivity with their kid-centric content. More after the jump.

Everloop is an award-winning network where tweens can connect with friends, play games, share content, and foster self-growth. Like Google+’s circles, Everloop allows members to communicate and interact with each other within closed “loops.” Animal Jam and Monster High will feature their own loops where users can acquire content such as webisodes, polls, branded stickers, and promotional codes for use at each respective website.

According to the CEO of Everloop, these various partnerships are bringing exciting content and adventures to members. One of these, Animal Jam, is a virtual playground with over 2 million users and delivers a unique experience to kids who have outdoorsy interests and a love of animals.

“We’re thrilled to bring Animal Jam to Everloop,” said Clark Stacey, Animal Jam’s EVP of Strategy & Business Development. “Animal Jam has always been committed to offering kids a fun and safe place to play online, and our partnership withEverloop takes that commitment another step further. With our fast-growing member base, it’s imperative that our players have a safe, social environment to engage with our world that is outside of the game. Everloop provides us just that.”

Monster High’s age demographic is a slightly older than Animal Jam’s. Mattel has created a website for tween and early teens that features a high school for imperfect monsters. Mattel hopes to combat teen anxiety by providing a narrative that even the world’s most fierce and legendary monsters faced a period of adolescence. Kids are encouraged to express their individuality by learning to be proud of who they are despite imperfections. Told from the point-of-view of the cast of monsters, members will progress through an interactive storyline that will allow them to build meaningful friendships with other members.

“Monster High is everywhere girls are today with a robust consumer products line, New York Times best-selling book series, engaging online content and rapidly growing communities on Facebook and YouTube,” said Lori Pantel, VP Marketing, Global Mattel Girls Brands. “We are excited that our partnership with Everloop will enable us to continue to deliver engaging content to Monster High enthusiasts who might be too young for some of our other existing social media platforms.”

Both National Geographic and Mattel are very enthusiastic about their partnerships due to the accessibility of leveraging Everloop’s user base with their own respective
customizable features. Members will be able to interact with virtual stickers, badges, goobs, and other engaging content. We reported Everloop raising $3.1 million in funding last June.

While kids are engaging with their peers through various applications, social games, videos, photos, and other interactive experiences, parents need not worry
about their children stumbling across inappropriate content. Privacy is a major priority of Everloop’s, and protective measures have been made to ensure bullying,
bad language, and the sharing of private information is prevented by means of compliance to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) – a piece of mind for parents! More info at