“The Tweet Hereafter” Documents People’s Final Tweets

For the morbidly curious, “The Tweet Hereafter” documents the final tweets of notable or newsworthy people who have passed away.

Many people don’t have the advantage of planning a deathbed pronouncement to make our last words on social media memorable or deep in meaning.

So, according to founders Jamie Forrest and Michael McWatters, their project “was inspired by the revelation that, in the age of social media, those of us who post will ultimately leave behind a final message, intentional or not.”

A particularly eerie aspect of “The Tweet Hereafter” is that each entry includes the person’s cause of death. It also includes a link to the person’s Wikipedia bio, and a link to the original tweet.

Take a look at a few final tweets of notable individuals:

To browse the full “The Tweet Hereafter” archive, head over here. You can also follow the project on Twitter.

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