Tweet-Powered Budweiser Robot Knits Sweaters for Designated Drivers

Not sure how to thank the friend willing to drive your sloshed self home from the company Christmas party? (And let’s face it, they totally deserve a token of gratitude after spending the entirety of the trip dealing with your increasingly panicked attempts to blot a beer stain out of your cocktail dress while complaining about the passive-aggressive coworker who totally splashed you on purpose.) Forget gas money or a hand-written note of sincere apology; Budweiser has a better idea.

The brand has created a “Knitbot,” a tweet-powered knitting machine, to knit fabulously ugly holiday sweaters for designated drivers. Every tweet tagged with the hashtag #jumpers4des incites the machine to knit a little more. Oh, and if the hashtag confuses you, that’s because it’s in British English (a jumper is a sweater, and “des” is short for designated driver).

Sure, it’s not terribly brand-centric, as people need designated drivers after drinking a whole host of beverages other than Budweiser, but any booze brand knows that encouraging responsible drinking habits is always a good PR move, and this one is also creative, social media-centered, and takes advantage of the resurgence of the ugly sweater.

Plus, this particular shade of red does wonders for our complexion — we’d wear one!