TweetDeck 2.0 for iPhone: Major Update. Major Confusion

TweetDeck, which seems to be the Twitter client of choice for the desktop, has released a really confusing update new iPhone app.

The Dark App Rises: New iPhone TweetDeck Is Here

TweetDeck 2.0 is not an update to TweetDeck for iPhone: The old TweetDeck apps have been temporarily removed from the AppStore as iPhone TweetDeck v2.0 is a brand new app, not an update, and we want to avert any confusion. However, the old apps will be updated soon to include a splash-screen directing you to download the v2.0 app.

TweetDeck 2.0 for iPhone’s redesign has generated a lot of heated commentary on both Tweetdeck’s blog and the iTunes Store comments section. Here’s a sample of user comments:

– Wow. Why is this client missing half the features any of the other modern clients have (including the official twitter app). On Android this app was a killer but on the iPhone it’s absolutely a laugh.

– It’s missing some critical customization features and interface is opposite of Apple’s intuitive interfaces. Poor app, though performance is better than the previous version.

– I really wish there was something good I could say about this v2.0 bit I can’t. TweetDeck use to be the “Command Center” of Twitter & Facebook… Now it’s relegated to just another twitter client. For a so called “sleeker interface” we get less options, no real customizations and horrid color tones to view tweets. I can’t believe they spent months on this. If you didn’t like the old command center style of TweetDeck then now you’ve got your wish. As it seems most people just want a standard twitter client with one or two extras. …And I will be deleting this app right after I submit this review. Keeping the prior version until they fix this.

Despite this negative commentary, the overall average customer rating for this app is a respectable 3.5 starts with 140 ratings so far.

Here’s what’s new in the app:

– All new design
– iOS4 compatiible
– Combined columns available
– Customize feeds displayed in columns
– support for tweets/posts longer than 140 characters
– Gesture controls
– Tweet discussion detail view