TweetDeck App for iPad Ready for Tweeting

Third-party Twitter client TweetDeck wants to get in on the iPad fun. TweetDeck App for iPad features include: multiaccount support; portrait and landscape modes; and a map view enabling easy access to geo-coded Tweets.

The app also includes functions from already-existing versions of TweetDeck, such as: multiple columns; the ability to view user profiles; the ability to see users’ recent updates, followers, and who they are following; the ability to follow, unfollow, and block users; columns for All Friends, Mentions, and Direct Messages, as well as Search, Trending Topics and Twitter Lists; geo-tagging; URL shortening; access to Twitter contact lists; and the ability to upload photos.

Founder and CEO Iain Dodsworth posted on the TweetDeck Blog:

Apart from, “How do I get one of these?,” my first thought as I watched the iPad being revealed was that TweetDeck was MADE for this device (or should that be: This device was made for TweetDeck…unlikely).

TweetDeck’s raison d’être, its reason for being, is to display multiple streams of social and real-time data in a large, powerful, flexible interface…completely regardless of the platform it finds itself on. Hence our TweetDeck for iPhone is the only true multicolumn Twitter client interface available on the iPhone, and we’ve had to do a bit of squashing and squeezing to get it all on there. The TweetDeck App for iPad takes this vision up a level and makes full use of the iPad’s large screen size and gesture-based Multi-Touch navigation.

We didn’t just want to port TweetDeck for iPhone to iPad, so we’ve built a new interface that is quintessentially TweetDeck but also takes full advantage of all this new device offers — our “highest common denominator” approach. We’ve actually built two new interfaces, one for portrait and the other for landscape. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.