Four Rules Of Thumb For Tweeting On The Job

Initially frowned upon – if not outright banned – the use of social media in the workplace is on the rise, as employers start to see the benefits of these tools and how they can be leveraged.

Figuring out how much social media is too much social media at work, when it comes to time spent on your personal Facebook page, Pinterest profile or Twitter feed, can be tricky.

That’s where we come in.

Here are four handy rules of thumb to keep in mind when it comes to keeping up on social media during the work day:

1. Respect the Rules – Written and Unwritten: If your workplace has a code of conduct governing social media in the office, follow it. If there are no regulations in place, take the lead of veteran coworkers or your superiors. Do you ever see them thumbing through their Twitter feed on their phone? You’re safe.

2. Use it to Your Advantage, Productivity-Wise: Make your tweeting efficient by using scheduling and aggregating tools like HootSuite, CoTweet or TweetDeck. On the flip side, make Twitter do double-time for you by leveraging time spent on it as productivity-boosting: use it to hunt for sales leads, pick up news tips, or get the lowdown on what the competition is doing.

3. Use it to Your Advantage, Networking-Wise: Twitter is arguably the modern business person’s best friend when it comes to making connections. Spending time on Twitter during work hours can be viewed in a positive, even essential, light when seen through the lens of networking on behalf of your company. You could find the next account manager, glean important feedback from stakeholders, and capitalize on the opportunity to broadcast favorable messaging.

4. Make Twitter Your Troubleshooter: If you can find answers to a key question or problem on Twitter, you can justify using Twitter on the job. Troubleshoot a software bug by reaching out to a developer on Twitter, inquire about policy confusion, or affirm or refute a notion being debated at work.

Did you know that Twitter is the most-used social networking site by office employees, ahead of Facebook and LinkedIn?

What’s your workplace’s policy on using social media at work?

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