Take a Seat, and Watch it Tweet

How would you feel if inanimate objects had their own Twitter accounts? What if they tweeted about you whenever you were nearby? If this sounds a little too sci-fi for you, you’ll want to stop reading now: a designer has created a TweetingSeat that tweets a picture of you whenever you sit on it.

According to its creator Chris McNicholl, the TweetingSeat is “for people and communities to form their own relationship with the object through the way in which they choose to use it.”

And he’s achieving this relationship between people and objects by creating a park bench that tweets pictures of you while you sit in it.

The premise is this: the TweetSeat not only connects people with inanimate objects around them, but it also connects people’s physical lives and their digital lives by tweeting about them while they’re sitting on the bench.

A camera on the bench facing outward will tweet a picture of the scene in front of it when someone sits down, and a camera hidden in a bird feeder facing towards the bench will tweet a picture of the person sitting.

You can view all of the pictures of unsuspecting bench-sitters by following the @TweetingSeat‘s Twitter account, or view them all in one place on its twitpic account.

I actually think this is a pretty neat idea. Sure, there might be some privacy implications if people sit down and only find out later that their picture was taken and posted on the internet, but for the most part people will probably kind of like the attention. Anyone who’s on Twitter will notice the @TweetingSeat username on the blue strip of the bench and many will no doubt check it out, eventually browsing through and seeing their own picture. Instant 15 minutes of fame!

I think this could be much more powerful if the bench were somehow able to @mention the people it took a picture of – but this would no doubt require a lot more hardware know-how than I, at least, have. Still, if I lived anywhere near Dundee, UK, I’d definitely try this cool little seat out!

Via Clever Twitter Accounts