Vietnam Threatens Fines And Jail For Tweeting Critical Comments About The Government

Vietnam has joined the likes of China and Iran in censoring its citizens’ social media activity.

The country has announced the threat of fines and even jail time for tweets, Facebook posts and other social media comments that criticize the Vietnamese government, reports Reuters.

Anyone caught tweeting negatively about the Vietnamese leadership will be fined 100 million dong ($4,740), only the latest measure in a nationwide suppression of dissent.

According to the law signed by Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, social media comments not harsh enough to be considered criminal offenses will result in fines if held to be “propaganda against the state” or spreading “reactionary ideology.”

The legislation extended beyond social media, as well. As Reuters reports, the decree said any Internet users in Vietnam that posted a map of Vietnam inconsistent with its sovereignty claims would face fines as well.

The new law comes only weeks after China’s Twitter, Sina Weibo, “closed or in some way punished” a whopping 103,673 accounts on the social media network for not being in compliance with the government’s online discourse rules.

(Source: Reuters. Vietnam flag image via Shutterstock.)

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