Tweeting While You Drive? Ford Announces Microsoft SYNC AppLink

“Play artist Pearl Jam.” That’s one of the many orders I bark at Microsoft SYNC® in my Ford Escape. It’s one of those automotive features that I had low expectations for that has exceeded every one. The next piece of the puzzle is the forthcoming SYNC AppLink, a bridge that brings in-car voice command to Android and Blackberry phones.

The 2011 Ford Fiesta (back from the dead!) will be the first car to include SYNC® AppLink, but if all goes as planned, you can expect to see the burgeoning technology included on the entire ’11 Ford line.

The voice recognition software is impressively accurate, and it gives drivers absolutely no reason to fondle and paw at their mobile devices. I won’t bore you with safety stats of fatalities caused by texting (we’ll leave that to Oprah), but it’s clear that voice command apps are the wave of the future. Just look at the jabroni in the lane next to you!

Among the services packaged with initial launch are Pandora, for streaming music, and OpenBeak, allowing drivers to keep up with their Twitter feed without taking their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

Ford has also announced the launch of the Mobile Application Developer Network (API) that will allow developers to create their own applications (upon approval) for SYNC®.

Check out a demo video on the Twitter client OpenBeak interfacing with SYNC® here.

Now if only there was an app to make the SYNC robotic voice sound a bit more human…