Twicca Twitter App For Android

Twicca is a new Twitter app for Android phones, which is currently in beta and available in the Android market. It is very visually appealing, and has more setting options than any Twitter app that I have seen on an Android phone. However, Twicca does not have some of the navigation capabilities that are becoming common with Twitter apps and it does not support multiple Twitter accounts.

After you install Twicca, you need to go through the process of setting it up with your Twitter account, and I found the process to be more cumbersome with this app than with other Twitter apps that I use. Essentially, the setup process follows the standard way for users to give permission to Twicca to access your Twitter account. What is different is that it forces you to manually write down the Twitter API code that you then have to enter in Twicca in order to finalize the connection. Other Twitter apps appear to automate this process because I have never had one ask me to enter the API code.

As you can see in the screenshot, Twicca is very visually appealing. By default Twicca has a black background with white letters, but you can change the appearance to have a white background with black letters. You also have the ability to change the font size to one of seven different sizes. At the bottom of the screen are four buttons for composing a tweet, viewing mentions, viewing direct messages, and refreshing your timeline. I personally think the buttons are too small, but I like how they appear to hover over the bottom of the timeline.

The refresh button is a bit of an oddity now compared to other Twitter apps that use a drag down gesture on the timeline to initiate a refresh. I also wish that Twicca supported swiping left and right to move through mentions, direct messages, lists, and saved searches. You can tap the top of the screen to jump to the top of the timeline, and Twicca uses the volume up and down buttons on the phone to scroll through the timeline.

Where I think Twicca really excels is with the ability to change a large number of settings, so that you can customize how the app works. For example, you can configure the max number of tweets that download at any given time and turn the display of profile pictures on and off. By default the volume up and down buttons are configured to scroll up or down, but you can change that to move to the top or jump to lists. You also can reprogram the search button.

In my brief testing I found that Twicca loads updates very quickly, and even though it is in beta, I found the app to be stable. If you are not happy with the Twitter app that you are currently using on your Android phone, I recommend that you try Twicca.

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