7 Hilarious Translations Of Twin Baby Boys Having A Conversation

Countless videos have been uploaded, subtitling the video of twin boys having a conversation that went viral this week. They’ve been made to talk about everything from the iPhone to Teen Mom 2, Lady Gaga and the potty.

An adorable video of twin baby boys having a conversation is spreading like wildfire on the web this week, garnering over 5 million views in only a few days.  And like almost every video that goes viral, YouTubers are following suit with remixes!  But instead of the usual auto-tune these twin baby boys are getting translated.  Countless videos have been uploaded, subtitling the kitchen conversation these two cuties are having.  They’ve been made to talk about everything from the iPhone to Teen Mom 2, Lady Gaga and the potty.  Check out seven of our favorite translations below.

ORIGINAL: Twin Baby Boys Have A Conversation

Before we get to the translations, check out the original clip below and then watch on to see the creative ways that they have been subtitled.  How cute are these guys?  If you answered, “So cute” then you would be correct.

A Conversation About Poo

With over 209,000 views this appears to be the most-viewed translation of ‘Twin Baby Boys Have a Conversation’ on YouTube.  In this video they talk about the lovely subject of poo.  Delightful.

A Conversation About Politics

Here’s a hilarious political take on these little guys’ conversation.  They argue about Obama, the Tea Party and more.  My favorite line has got to be, “How about we deal with the truth?  I will crush you with facts, teabagger.”

A Conversation About Lady Gaga & Katy Perry

In this video, these little twin brothers are arguing about which singer is better—Lady Gaga and Katy Perry.  You won’t want to miss the, “Oh no you di’int” at 0:40.

A Conversation About One Baby’s Drinking Problem

In this video one brother is giving the other brother a stern talking to because his brother is wasted…again.  This one reminds me a little bit of the popular Will Ferrell online video ‘The Landlord’, where his landlord is a baby who needs the rent so she can get her drink on.  Warning: Adult Language.

A Conversation About The Broken Fridge

In this one, the baby boys bicker like an old married couple about the broken fridge.  “What are you doing just standing around here?  Two weeks ago you said the fridge would be fixed!”

A Conversation About Teen Mom 2

Here the twins talk about Teen Mom 2, the ridiculous MTV reality television series about teen moms.  They discuss which girls from the show they are glad aren’t their mom, and which they wouldn’t mind “crawling on”.

A Conversation About iPhone Vs Android

Finally, are you surprised that one of the subtitled versions uploaded is about the iPhone Vs Android?  One baby knows a ton of people who are happy with their Androids, but the other baby has his heart set on an iPhone 5.

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