‘Twin Peaks’ Returns (On Twitter) 25 Years After Airing

'Twin Peaks' Returns (On Twitter) 25 Years After Airing

It’s been a quarter century since Laura Palmer cryptically whispered – in that bizarrely backwards fashion of the “other” world from Twin Peaks – that she would see FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper in 25 years. And her prophesy has come to be: two Twin Peaks super-fans have created a third season of the cult favorite using a trans-media experience via Twitter.

In a display of creativity and dedication to the intrigues of Twin Peaks, brothers Emmett and Patrick Furey brought the full cast of 61 characters to life with their own unique Twitter handles. These characters exchanged dialogue for several weeks in March and April, coming together in the third (unofficial) season of the show.

The dialogue was captured on the brothers’ website Enter The Lodge via Storify for fans who couldn’t tune in on Twitter live.

As the website explains, the third season picks up right where the second season ended. And, because Twitter and social media didn’t exist in 1989 when Twin Peaks was set, the idea is that the story is simply being told on Twitter, rather than the characters using Twitter themselves.

The brothers explained to Twin Peaks fan website Welcome to Twin Peaks why they chose Twitter as a medium to tell their story:

“Well, Twitter is one of the social media platforms I am most familiar with, but I think it’s also kind of the perfect medium to continue the story. Since we wanted to pick up right where the series left off, and it was a simple enough matter to grab a screenshot of all of the characters as they looked in 1990. On top of that, Twitter allows us the opportunity to release our content in practically real time, which is something that the show wasn’t even able to do, so that offers a lot of interesting new wrinkles for this kind of storytelling. And, of course, Twitter also allows people to interact with the characters and to insert themselves into the story.”

Twin Peak fans can find out what happened to Dale Cooper, Laura Palmer, Audrey Horne, Donna Hayward and the rest of the town by following the @EnterTheLodge Twitter account.

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