Less Is More With Twipster, A Browser Extension For A Minimal Twitter Experience

Have you used Readability?

It’s a free web and mobile app that turns any web page into a clean, comfortable reading view.

Twipster is like Readibility, specially for Twitter.com. Here’s what it looks like, and why you should try it out.

First, here’s what a web page looks like pre-Readability:

And what it looks like Readability-fied:

Ad-free, sidebar-free, super clean and easy to read. A boon in the age of online ad overload and information oversaturation.

Twitter, especially, can seem overwhelming as an online experience, with new updates from the people you follow being generated every millisecond, faster than you could possibly read them. Who hasn’t felt that small rush of anxiety when your eyes are flitting down your Twitter home stream, absorbing 140 characters of content over and over again, only to have the count of unread tweets up top constantly tally upwards and upwards?

It’s enough to drive you nuts. Which is where Twipster comes in.

Here’s what Twitter looks like pre-Twipster:

And post-Twipster:

Twipster strips out all the noise, including “Who To Follow” and “Trends.”

On Twitter user pages, Twipster removes your profile background, and shifts Following, Followers, Favorites, and Lists up to the easily accessible top.

Twipster works in Safari and Chrome; download it here. And let us know what you think!