Twitch Launches Friends Feature on iOS, Android

The Friends feature allows users to add other Twitch users as friends and view their friends’ online statuses.

Twitch announced the launch of its Friends feature on mobile. The feature allows users to add other Twitch users as friends and view their friends’ online statuses. The Friends feature was originally released in beta on the web earlier this year.

Mobile users can view their friends lists and whisper conversations (private messages) by tapping the social icon in the top-right corner of the screen. In addition to viewing their friends’ online statuses, users can change their own online statuses to “invisible” if they’d like to use Twitch while appearing offline.

To add a new friend on mobile, users can search for a username, tap the username to enter a whisper conversation and tap a button to send the user a friend request.

The Friends feature is now live in Twitch on iOS and Android. Twitch said more than 1 million friendships were created during the Friends web beta.

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