Twitter Acquires Targeted Email Provider, RestEngine

We’re not seeing it yet on Twitter’s blog, but the RestEngine website greets viewers with a pop-up announcing the acquisition.

RestEngine, an email provider known for helping social app publishers send targeted messages to subscribers, is joining Twitter’s flock. The company was founded two and a half years ago and, as the message that pops up on their homepage tell us:

It’s been an incredible journey where we had the opportunity to work with some of the leading social app publishers. With our customers, we’ve iterated on our social marketing automation platform while defining a new set of best practices for this brand new world of outbound social marketing.

We’re very excited to announce that the RestEngine team is joining the Twitter flock! Just over two and half years ago we founded RestEngine to help social app publishers send targeted one-to-one emails based on a subscriber’s social graph.

The RestEngine team, including Josh Aberant, Soren Berg and Mike Lin are excited to focus their email skills and marketing automation know-how on a much larger scale at Twitter.

Techcrunch shares that the fourth member and co-founder of the RestEngine team, Joe Waltman, won’t be joining his Twitter, as his “entrepreneurial spirit is too strong” and instead, he’ll be working on new projects after a vacation.

And as Twitter has done with other aqui-hires, RestEngine will shut down, with clients migrated to other email providers.

(Newspaper from laptop image from Shutterstock)

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