Twitter’s New Ad Cards Allow Marketers To Generate Leads From A Single Click

Twitter has begun testing a new advertising feature in select tweets, which could eventually allow marketers to generate interest in their products and services with a single click.

The ad tweets make use of Twitter’s Cards technology, which allow “media experiences” to be attached to Tweets.

Here’s an example of an ad that has been attached to a tweet, courtesy of @TwitterAds.

Note my personal information in the Tweet, as stored in my Twitter Profile.

Click on the Get it now button (visible when you’re logged into and the Twitter profile (in this case, @TwitterAds) instantly grabs what it needs from your profile, and takes action – in this case, automatically sending you an email with more information.

The tweet also auto-refreshes, thanking you for your interest.

While this initial example isn’t particularly inspiring, this could a very useful tool for brands and marketers looking to generate leads and sales from Twitter. Twitter’s new advertising API should allow a more innovative approach to ad Cards within Tweets, and perhaps we’re finally starting to start seeing some of those “fascinating”, “non-traditional” and “cool” ads Dick Costolo promised almost two years ago.

(Hat tip: TechCrunch.)