Want to Purchase a Promoted Tweet? Be Prepared for 3 Month Commitment, Says Twitter

Twitter is starting up a new advertising program, and from the looks of it, it’s meant to entice businesses that just couldn’t pony up the more than $100,000 it reportedly costs for a traditional Promoted Trend. Called the Beta Partnership Program, this new ad program requires only a $15,000 spend over a three month period – much more affordable for the mid-sized business.

Clickz obtained a recent Twitter media kit which contained information about Twitter’s newest ad program and additional information about Promoted Accounts and Tweets.

As Clickz reports, this new Beta Partnership Program requires a minimum 3 month commitment and a suggested investment of $15,000 – although Twitter is apparently willing to work with partners on other numbers.

The program reportedly consists of both Promoted Account insertion and Promoted Tweets. Those participating in the program are expected to launch their first Twitter campaign within 10 days of enrollment.

If an advertiser is interested in buying a Promoted Account, they will have to start with a minimum bid of $0.50 per follow. Accounts can be targeted based on interest, keywords, current followers, and geo-targeted at the country level.

Promoted Tweets are measured by a cost per engagement, and start at $0.10. Engagement, according to the documents obtained by Clickz, refers to clicks, favorites, retweets and @replies.

And the document also discussed the various analytics dashboards that participants would be able to access. From Clickz:

“Tweets Dashboard for instance shows the number of tweet impressions, clicks, retweets, replies and accumulated cost of a campaign. The Accounts Dashboard displays impressions, clicks, and follows; the Trends Dashboard, meanwhile, shows trend impressions, mentions, follows, tweet impressions, and the calculated engagement rate.”

We know that Twitter also offers a Followers Dashboard, and is rumored to have a self-serve dashboard for small businesses in the works as well.

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