Twitter Adds French, Italian, German, Spanish

Twitter may not boast more than 70 languages, like Facebook, and you can’t tweet in Latin or Pirate just yet, but the social-networking site announced that it would add the FIGS languages—French, Italian, German and Spanish—to the English and Japanese it already offers.

And Twitter is also seeking help with translations, allowing users of Twitter Translate to make suggestions.

Co-founder Biz Stone wrote on the Twitter blog:

We are inviting a small group of people to become volunteer translators at first. As more folks volunteer, the translation suggestions should accumulate faster and we’ll have enough material to respond by making Twitter available not only in English and Japanese, but also French, Italian, German and Spanish. We will distribute the translations to Twitter platform developers making it easier for them to offer multiple language support, as well.

If yours isn’t one of the six languages we’re going to be available in soon, we thank you for bearing with us—we’ll get there as soon as we can. Our tiny, five-person team of Andy Lorek, Matt Sanford, Alex McCauley, Sean Bell and Yukari Matsuzawa from Twitter has done great work putting this plan together. We’re very excited that more people will be able to use Twitter in their native language! David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.