Twitter Ads Get More Clicks Than Facebook [STUDY]

Twitter Ads Get More Clicks Than Facebook [STUDY]

In an extensive study of over $37 million in social media ad dollars, social and search advertising agency Resolution Media discovered that not all social ads are created equal: while businesses invested 127 percent more in Facebook in 2013, Twitter ads produced significantly higher click-through-rates.

Part of the reason why advertisers spent more on Facebook, suggests Resolution Media, is that Facebook ads are cheaper: both impressions and clicks cost less on Facebook than on Twitter, so marketers are enticed to spend more. Plus, Facebook offered more extensive alpha and beta opportunities than Twitter.

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Another reason why advertisers are spending more on Facebook might be because of the much larger reach the bigger network offers. Advertisers can achieve greater impressions and click volume for cheaper using Facebook.

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Still, despite the relatively nascent and more expensive advertising offerings coming from Twitter, marketers are actually seeing better click-through-rates in 140 characters.

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Resolution Media put together its Social Trends Report based on an analysis of over $37 million in 2013 social media ad spend across Twitter and Facebook.

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