Twitter Ads Will Start Appearing On Your Smartphone Soon

Mobile Twitter users, your time has come: you will soon start to see ads in your apps.

Expanding its advertising – called Promoted Products – into its mobile apps is yet another way that Twitter is looking to ramp up its revenue-generating products.

Twitter announced on Tuesday that mobile users will begin to see even more ads during their tweeting than before. The company has updated its Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android products to more closely resemble the experience users get on when it comes to ads.

If you use either of those two apps, you’ll notice the following changes:

  • Promoted Accounts being recommended to you
  • Promoted Tweets appearing in your timeline
  • Promoted Tweets from brands you already follow appearing at the top of your timeline (for a limited number of users initially)

These additions make the two official mobile Twitter apps more similar to, so the experience shouldn’t cause a ton of pushback from users. Plus, the changes aren’t as big as they seem: Prior to these changes, mobile users saw Promoted Accounts and Promoted Tweets in their timelines on the mobile website, and Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets in search on their iPhone and Android apps.

Although users might not be impacted dramatically by these changes, Twitter no doubt hopes their bottom line will be.

This mobile ad expansion comes on the heels of two new hires for Twitter’s international revenue department, as well as the launching of Promoted Products abroad, in the UK and in Japan.

Plus, Twitter is expanding its secondary revenue generation product, selling access to tweets from the firehose. The company announced on Tuesday that they would allow Datasift, a preferred partner, to sell access to tweets from up to two years ago to its customers.

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