Twitter Emergency Alerts Now Available In The U.S., UK, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Australia And Brazil

Twitter’s Alerts service, the emergency broadcast system which launched back in September, has rolled out to Australia and Brazil. Alongside the U.S., UK, Ireland, Japan and Korea, this brings the total number of countries with coverage to seven.

On their official blog, Twitter has outlined how alerts will work in the new territories:

In Brazil, people can now choose to receive alerts from Centro de Operações da Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro (COR), which integrates data from around 30 entities including municipal and state departments and essential services. In Australia, there are more than a dozen participating organizations, including the City of Sydney, the Australian Red Cross, the Department of Health, and fire and police departments from several municipalities.

New features and functionality have also been added to Alerts, simplifying subscriptions and adding notifications to iOS.

Now, on your iOS or Android app, you can go to a participating organization’s profile and easily subscribe to their Alerts as push notifications by tapping on the bell icon. We also added in-app notifications for iOS: when you’re browsing on Twitter you’ll now receive a notification at the bottom of your screen when an alert is sent by an organization whose Alerts you subscribe to.

(Source: Twitter Blog.)