Twitter Appoints “Country Manager” in Japan

Twitter has appointed its first “country manager”, starting their international focus in Japan. Announced on the Japanese Twitter Blog, this position entails building a solid team in Japan, which was Twitter first and remains its largest international presence.

James Kondo (@jameskondo) will be Twitter’s country manager in Japan. He previously worked as a policy advisor and director of global communications strategy in the Office of the Prime Minister, and before that he held positions with global management consulting firm McKinsey & Company and the University of Tokyo.

Japan is a big deal for Twitter. It was the first country that really took to Twitter outside of the US, and Japanese was the first language Twitter translated its website and apps into. Twitter is the second most-recognizable product in Japan, and this year’s Japanese New Year set the record for most tweets per second.

And most recently, Twitter was used during the tsunami and earthquake in Japan to connect families and alert citizens. From the Japanese Twitter Blog:

“Most recently, we’ve been humbled to have played a role in helping connect the country after the tsunami and earthquakes. On behalf of everyone at Twitter, I convey our deepest condolences to everyone in Japan, especially to victims and their families.”

As the Twitter Blog explains, Kondo will be responsible for building the Twitter team in Japan. On Twitter’s job board, there are currently four positions being advertised in Japan: Account Executive, Account Manager, Business Development, Mobile/Electronics, and Communications Manager.

Interestingly, these exact positions (as well as Sales Account Manager) are all open in the UK. We wonder if we’ll be hearing about a second country manager sometime soon.