Twitter Asks Developers For Chirp Presentation Feedback

If you’re a 3rd-party developer of Twitter apps and are planning to attend the Chirp conference Apr 14-15th, you can propose questions for presenters to answer. The Chirp conference, which takes place in San Francisco, will have a number of Twitter staff presenting, including CEO/ co-founder Ev Williams, co-founder Biz Stone, COO Dick Costolo, and Director of Platform Ryan Sarver. Non-Twitter speakers include tech publisher Tim O’Reilly, web entrepreneur Anil Dash, several venture capitalists and others.

The first day is the actual conference with talks being presented on several topics, including OAuth, streaming, geolocation, business strategies, and mobile integration. A roadmap will also be part of the presentation. The second day is what Chirp calls a “Hack Day,” and will apparently run 24 hours, providing an opportunity to mix with various developers, share and learn what you know. Other features of Chirp includes a “sneaky peek” at un-released API features, and an after-party.

Given that “geolocation” is one of the Chirp topics, and that O’Reilly’s Where 2.0 geo-location conference in San Jose just ended, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Tim O’Reilly were to speak on geo-location and location sharing apps such as Foursquare, Stuck, MyTown and the like. If you have questions that you’d like him or other presenters to answer, Twitter is asking you to post them to Chirp’s page on Google Moderator, where there are already a few questions. (Some are blank, so just skip through them.)

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