No Internet? No Problem. Twitter Will Be Available Offline In Emerging Markets

Twitter is working with a Singapore startup to help users with a mobile phone, but no access to the Internet, access tweets.

In partnership with U2opia Mobile, Twitter is targeting customers in emerging markets with this new technology.

Designed to enable customers in emerging markets to access Twitter via their mobile phones without requiring a data connection, the technology requires customers to enter a code on their phone to access certain parts of Twitter.

Trending Topics were the only aspect of Twitter mentioned according to Reuters, with customers being served up a list of localised trends after inputting a code into their phone.

U2opia Mobile, the company working with Twitter on this new endeavor, has a similar arrangement with Facebook. It’s Fonetwish service is used by over 11 million people without a data plan to access sites like Facebook and Google Talk.

Although the technology behind U2opia does not allow users to view multimedia like photos and videos, Twitter’s largely text-based format should allow those accessing it through U2opia to have a similar experience to those using a data plan.

This new service will roll out in the first quarter of next year.

(Source: Reuters; Cell phone signal image via Shutterstock)

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