Twitter And Bing Awkwardly Tweet About Their 2 Year Relationship, Renew Search Agreement

It’s always sort of embarrassing to see two people openly discuss intimate details of their relationship on a public forum like Twitter – but it’s especially awkward when those two “people” are actually anthropomorphic representations of two major web companies.

Twitter and Bing announced the renewal of their search agreement yesterday in a series of tweets, causing many to speculate that such a public display of affection was, at least partially, aimed at making poor Google – who terminated its contract with Twitter – a little jealous.

Here is the clearly scripted conversation between Twitter and Bing, including their reminiscing about their “last two years together”:

And with that, a contract renewal was announced.

The two companies get credit for creativity, as this was definitely a more exciting way of announcing a renewed partnership than a press release. But we wonder: does this public display of affection have something to do with Twitter and Google’s recent split?

Twitter has been trying to renew its contracts with a variety of search engines lately. For the past several years, Twitter had provided both Google and then Bing with access to its full firehose – or all of its tweets in real time – in order for the search giants to create a realtime search product. Google’s deal with Twitter ended this summer, and the search company chose not to renew it.

There are scant details about the contract with Bing, aside from a speculation from AllThingsD that the new deal would see Bing double its payment to access Twitter’s firehose for its realtime search results, up to about $30 million a year.

Image via TheNextWeb