Twitter Buys Cloudhopper For SMS Services

Twitter just announced on their blog this morning that they’ve made another acquisition, Cloudhopper, to boost up their SMS service. This purchase emphasizes Twitters origins as being intended for mobile use, via SMS. While the actual post is a bit vague on details, this acquisition is very likely the first of many, as Twitter fills out a number of areas in their core services.

Twitter might have recently announced annotations, with all the extra space for developer metadata per tweet, but at their core, they were designed, as their blog posts says, “to allow for any tweet to be read in its entirety whether you’re using a rudimentary mobile phone, or a more sophisticated Internet enabled device.” The company is nowserving up a billion SMS-based tweets per month worldwide. (Given that in some Asian and African markets, Internet access is via cell phone, that figure will likely grow.)

To cope with the growth, they’ve acquired Cloudhopper, who offer a mobile messaging infrastructure that Twitter says they need to scale their SMS services. Cloudhopper’s Joe Lauer (founder) and Kristin Kanaar are joining Twitter’s mobile team. This acquisition comes little more than a week after they purchased the maker of Tweetie, a Twitter client app on the iPhone, and not long after VC Fred Wilson warned developers that Twitter was “filling holes” and pointed out that there were still many opportunities for 3rd-party developers.