Twitter Buys Search Technology Company Spindle

Another Twitter acquisition to add to the list: Spindle, a search technology company that informs users about what’s happening at local businesses around them – kind of like the “push” to Foursquare’s “pull.”

Spindle, based in Boston, will be relocating to Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, and its services will be “sunsetted” (shut down) as the company focuses on “new and exciting opportunities,” according to the Spindle blog.

The Spindle app – which is already gone from the App Store – lets users discover social updates from nearby shops, restaurants, bars, parks, museums and galleries, community organizations, and other attractions, including personalized alerts for places of interest.

Spindle announced in a blog post,

“By joining forces with Twitter, we can do so much more to help you find interesting, timely, and useful information about what’s happening around you.”

Twitter also tweeted Wednesday evening that “Spindle has been acquired by Twitter and joins the flock!”

So why would Twitter be interested in this technology?

The platform offers location-based search with Trends, designed to deliver geographically relevant breaking news and hot topics relevant to users. Trends was expanded to 160 new locations in April, and users can now choose from 43 different countries, so it’s clear that Twitter is on the SoLoMo bandwagon.

It’ll be interesting to see what changes are rolled out to Twitter once the Spindle team gets settled.

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