Twitter, CNN, It’s All the Same

So much for social media democratizing the way we get our information. Lance Ulanoff of PC World got a hold of a Korean research study which notes that the majority of activity on Twitter is driven by super users — meaning a select few users generate the majority of tweeted content, while the majority of users simply regurgitate what these super users tell them.

These users form super information hubs. The researchers were a bit unclear about how these power users generate more and more followers, though I think one of their theories “Recommendation by Twitter” is partly right. How they generate followers aside, the concept of a small cadre of influential Twitter users, once again, aligns with the news media model. So while everyone likes to talk about the democratization of news, it’s really the same old story. A relatively small group of people are delivering the news and most Twitter users are simply passing along what they’ve learned.

Except, of course, in this new news alignment, it’s Ashton Kutcher creating the content instead of, says, a team of professionally trained journalists.

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