Twitter Co-Founder Evan Williams Speaks with Bloomberg Television at Chirp

Twitter co-founder Evan Williams spoke with Cris Valerio of Bloomberg Television live at Chirp, The Official Twitter Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Highlights from the Bloomberg Television interview:

Williams on possible future acquisitions and investments:

If we need to, but we’re also planning our revenue strategy, as you know, and investment isn’t something that we’re needing right now. We’re well-funded, and things are going great.

We don’t have an amount earmarked for acquisitions. We evaluate on a case-by-case basis. Our team as grown very quickly, so we can build more stuff on our own. But acquisitions will be some part, but not a huge part, of what we do.

On Promoted Tweets, Twitter’s new advertising initiative:

Well, we expect the ad program to be — the Promoted Tweets that we’re launching or we just launched this week — to certainly be the largest part in a few months. But it’s going to take a while to ramp up. So it’s really hard to predict these things. We know there’s stuff we’ll need to tweak. There are new ideas that we want to try down the road. But really, it’s our first significant scalable revenue plan that we’re putting in place.

It’ll be ramping for years probably, but we look at the fourth quarter as really being until then when it’s reaching scalability.

On the partnership with Google allowing the search engine to archive Tweets:

It’s part of our deal with Google where we give them the fire hose, and we actually gave them the archive of all historical Tweets. We’re really excited about it because it’s something we haven’t been able to do with our capacity and our servers. And they’re going to enable the ability to search the entire history of Tweets to see when something was first mentioned. And this is the first time this has been available. So we’re really excited about it. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.
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