If This Twitter Co-founder’s Parents Can’t Get Verified, What Do You Think YOUR Chances Are?

If you’ve been following our series sharing folks (and brands) newly verified on Twitter, you may be getting your hopes up that someday, maybe, you’ll be verified as well!

Great news – we can tell you we are 100% certain that will NEVER happen unless you become some big muckity muck in whatever area and attract the attention of whoever holds the verification keys at Twitter.

How can we be so sure? Well, if Jack Dorsey’s mom and dad (the folks who technically birthed Twitter) can’t get verified – you have even less of a snowball’s chance.

According to the RiverFrontTimes, Dorsey’s Mom and Dad have requested Twitter verification, partly in jest it seems:

But also kinda seem to want it:

Tim Dorsey (@Tim535353, 3,724 followers) and Marcia Dorsey (@marciadorsey, 848 followers), who live in St. Louis, have been tweeting requests to get their accounts verified since yesterday.

And there are lots of folks tweeting about this under the #VerifyTheDorseys hashtag. Many expressing bewilderment at the HuffPo’s insistence that verification just won’t happen.

Despite their efforts, and the efforts of their fans, there is very little chance the Dorseys are going to get verified. Verification is a tricky issue, as it is, and the Dorseys are not the type of people that are generally verified.

But Twitter will verify them . . . won’t they? If not, you have NO chance. Heck, even if they do – your chances are still slim to none.

And if you’re wondering why Jack doesn’t just get on the phone with Twitter and say, “Yo, Costolo, what gives? Verify my parents already!”? Well, you’ll recall his Square people apparently couldn’t get in touch with Twitter to have a logo violation taken care of a little while back. So it seems there may possibly be some awkwardness there.

Do you think verifying Jack’s parents would be bad form? Or is it worse (from a public perception standpoint) to NOT verify them?

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