Twitter Data Suggest Dwindling Interest In The Daily

Little solid information is available about the performance of The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-based publication that debuted Feb. 3 and costs 99 cents a week. But Joshua Benton of the Nieman Journalism Lab came up with one way to guess at its traffic: tracking the number of tweets generated by Daily readers who are sharing its content via Twitter.

It’s not perfect, but app download numbers are shaky, and News Corp. is staying tight-lipped so far. (An exec said a month ago that there had been “hundreds of thousands” of downloads.)

The charts based on Benton’s research show a decidedly downward trend. “Its activity on Twitter seems to match my own perceptions of how they’re doing — an early rush of excitement; a decline as people lost interest and the app struggled with technical problems; a plateau once the tech got sorted out; and then another decline once the app started charging users,” he writes.

“While a certain amount of decline would be expected after the initial rush of attention, the fact that there’s never been an appreciable, sustained uptick in sharing isn’t cause for optimism,” he adds.

Have you checked out The Daily? Is it worth your time and money?