Tweeting And Cheating: Twitter Linked To Infidelity And Divorce [STUDY]

twitter break up

Do you tweet to your boo? Whether you’re sending love notes to a new flame or reminding your spouse to take out the trash, a new study suggests that tweeting could be dangerous to the health of your relationship.

A new study from the University of Missouri found that individuals who are active on Twitter are more likely to get into Twitter-related conflicts with their partners. And these conflicts, in turn, lead to negative relationship outcomes: including cheating, breakups and divorce.

The study was the result of a survey of 581 Twitter users of all ages. Participants were asked about their Twitter use – such as how often they log in and tweet – as well as their relationship status.

It turns out, the more active that people reported they were on Twitter, the more conflict they reported between themselves and their significant other.

And if you think that just because you and your darling have been together for a decade you’ll be shielded from a Twitter spat, think again:

“I found it interesting that active Twitter users experienced Twitter-related conflict and negative relationship outcomes regardless of length of romantic relationship,” says the study’s author Russell Clayton. “Couples who reported being in relatively new relationships experienced the same amount of conflict as those in longer relationships.”

Clayton recommends limiting the amount of time that both partners spend on social media if they’re experiencing conflict due to Twitter.

You can read the study in its entirety here [PDF].

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