Twitter Erupts In Gun Control Debate And Targets Wrong Person In Wake Of School Shooting

With news of the horrendous elementary school shooting in Connecticut that has left 27 dead (at least 18 of them children), Twitter has erupted in a gun control debate.

People are sad and angry and looking for a scapegoat. And unfortunately for someone bearing the alleged killer’s Twitter handle, they found one.

UPDATE: This post has been updated to remove the name of the alleged killer as his brother was mistakenly identified initially and the actual killer’s name doesn’t deserve to be published. Click here to read the names of his innocent victims, mostly six and seven year olds.

Some folks on Twitter have targeted a person with the same name as the killer. This individual’s tweets give a depressed/loner vibe and its like chum to some angry people.

But it isn’t him, folks. So maybe pushing this obviously depressed person toward self-harm isn’t the best way thing to do right now? To people’s credit, many are asking if he’s okay. That’s good at least.

With at least six of the ten trending topics on Twitter focused on the shooting, folks can stay current on many aspects of the event – and the resulting debates.


You can check out the gun control debate tweets easily enough on Twitter, no need to screenshot them here. Leaves me to wonder though, why is it we have armed guards in banks protecting our money – and not at schools protecting our kids?

Regardless, we should all be able to agree on this:

And religious or not, gun control advocate or not – #PrayForNewton.

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