Twitter, ESPN And Ford Team Up To Embed College Football Replay Videos Into Tweets

Just in time for bowl season, Twitter has teamed up with ESPN and Ford to provide embedded replays from football games in posts sent via Twitter.

It really takes the concept of “instant replay” to a whole new level.

Fans of college football can now see the replays on whatever platform they use to access Twitter, though ideally with a mobile device. So you can watch the videos right from Twitter, rather than being sent to an external site.

Which is great – it enables you to consume that content as an integrated part of a larger multimedia stream.

The new partnership also could encourage people to engage more with college football games. As Glenn Brown, director of promoted content and partnerships at Twitter, told the New York Times, “You get an alert on your phone, you can run into a bar and catch the rest of the game.”

Here’s an example of what the tweet-embedded videos look like:

The replays, which will begin with a short promotional clip for the Ford Fusion, will be selected by ESPN’s college football editors. And the posts will be promoted, by both ESPN and Ford, to people who are not following Ford or ESPN on Twitter but who may be interested in the clips based on the people they follow, and what they tweet about.

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