Twitter Reveals It Releases At Least One Experiment A Day

In a recent blog post, Twitter revealed that experimentation is even more common than users, or the media, might think.

In order to fine-tune new features or test tweaks, Twitter announced that “It’s rare for a day to go by when we’re not releasing at least one experiment.”

What does all that testing mean for you as a user?

You may see certain features on or Twitter mobile that a friend of yours has never seen before, as trials are often done with small subsets of the entire Twitter user base; you may also experience a test run of something that ends up never being released.

Moreover, many changes Twitter tests are “under-the-hood,” invisible to users.

Twitter also stated that its engineers are able to run tests more frequently because they’ve built a more robust experimentation framework. Why?

“Ultimately, our goal is to learn and keep making the product better.”

Recent Twitter feature tests we’ve picked up on AllTwitter:

TV Trending Feature

Proximity-based event alerts

Tweet Translation Tool

(Source: Twitter.)

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