POLL: Should Twitter Become A Facebook App?

Yesterday during their F8 conference Facebook announced the launch of a plethora of new apps for the platform, including Spotify, Hulu and Color.

Color? Oh, you remember. That’s the social networking photo app that picked up $41m in venture capital on the back of basically nothing, and then did even less. Very few people installed the app and those that did had almost nobody to share photos with. End result: employee faces that resembled slapped bottoms and a collective ‘meh’ from everybody else.

But all of this embarrassment could have been avoided if Color had gone the Facebook route from the very start, says Color co-founder Bill Nguyen. “Within minutes of launching, we realized we should have launched on Facebook,” he told the Financial Times.

And so they have. And now he thinks Twitter should do the exact same thing.

Yep – Nguyen feels Twitter should close up shop and move wholesale to Facebook, continuing their business on that platform as an integrated app. LinkedIn, too. Why? Because the people are already there.

“If you’re Twitter or LinkedIn, you’ve got to really think: ‘Wait a minute, all those customers are already on Facebook’, and the question for them is: do you compete against Facebook or do you actually migrate all your stuff to Facebook and I think the answer is to migrate, because who professionally do I want to meet that doesn’t already have a Facebook account?”

So, what do you think? Is Nguyen right – should Twitter become a Facebook app? Would you use Twitter more or less if this happened? Vote in our poll below, and hit the comments to let us know your thoughts.

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