Twitter Users Are Sexier (And Get More Sex) Than Facebook Users, Says Study [INFOGRAPHIC]

Does tweeting make you sexier? Does the fact that you use Twitter mean that, statistically, your sex life is likely to be above average/different/of a deviant nature, at least compared to other social platforms?

Maybe so, says a new study. Marketing agency Euro RSCG surveyed 1,000 Twitter and Facebook-using US adults about their attitudes towards sex and sexuality, and discovered that Twitter users are more likely to describe themselves as sexy, be sexually adventurous and even (gasp) masturbate more often than what they think is normal.

In fact, Twitter users outperformed (zing) Facebook users in almost every question, which also included having sex at least once per week, participating in online flirting and worrying that their sexual fantasies weren’t normal.

Of course, this is what people said about themselves, so it’s worth taking those answers with a pinch of salt. Still, the across-the-board difference in the response from Twitter and Facebook users is of note.

Euro RSCG have illustrated their findings with this infographic, which takes a closer look at the sex lives of social media users in the USA.


(Source: Euro RSCG. Online dating image via Shutterstock.)