7,484 Tweets Were Sent Within 5 Minutes Of The F8 Timeline Announcement [INFOGRAPHIC]

All of the changes going on over at Facebook this week have caused the Twitter-verse to erupt.

In an infographic from social media data company Simply Measured, you can see what announcements Twitter responded to and the volume of tweets sent about these changes.

There was a surge in tweets when Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stepped out onto the stage during the Facebook F8 conference, going from about 2,000 to just under 4,000 in about five minutes.

But it was when the timeline was introduced that Twitter really whipped into a frenzy. There were 7,484 tweets containing the characters F8 sent out within the first five minutes of Facebook announcing the timeline. Other popular Facebook-related phrases included in tweets related to the announcement included Zuckerberg, timeline, apps and open graph.

Timeline was the most popular term on Twitter during the F8 conference, followed by Zuckerberg. Twitter users also spoke of Spotify, Netflix and Serendipity when the CEOs of those companies were invited on stage.

Take a look at the flow of tweets during the F8 announcement in the infographic from Simply Measured below:

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