Twitter Has No Female Board Members – How Do Other Tech Giants Compare? [STUDY]

Twitter has 2,000 employees, but no women on its board. I first made this observation almost a year ago to the day, but the story has received a lot more attention this week, first when the New York Times pointed out that it could be a potential problem as Twitter heads into its IPO, and then when Twitter CEO Dick Costolo made a bit of a daft statement in response.

So how does Twitter’s all-singing, all-dancing, all-male lineup compare to other giants in the tech space? Gawker crunched the numbers.

Here’s the scoop: Twitter has seven board members, and none of these are women, as we’ve established. Facebook, meanwhile, has two female executives in its eight-member board. Google has three in its seven. Apple has one in its eight. eBay has one in its eleven.

FourSquare, Airbnb and also have zero, like Twitter.

What does all of this mean? Couple of things, I suspect. One, that Costolo is kind of right when he says that he shouldn’t have to hire a female board member simply because it’s “checking a box”. After all, shouldn’t it always be about the best people for the job, rather than filling a quota? But, two, he’s almost certainly going to do this anyway. And it won’t be because it’s what he’s expected to do. It will be because he’ll now go out of his way to find someone who’s more than capable in the role who also just happens to be a woman. And given that half the population is female, that shouldn’t be too hard, right?

(Source: Gawker. Dick Costolo image: jdlasica via Flickr.)