Twitter Feud Set To Music Becomes ‘Financial Opera’

Ever see the President of a country and a nobel prize-winning economist duke it out on Twitter and think to yourself –“now THAT would make a great opera!”?


And even if you did, who has the time to do such a thing? These guys.

In case you didn’t know, there’s a euro crisis in Estonia – and, as you can imagine, it has to be a bit stressful for Estonian president Toomas Hendrik Ilves.

Well, US Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman poked that hornets’ nest when he “expressed his doubts over Estonia’s success in dealing with the financial crisis, saying harsh austerity measures were not an economic triumph.”

This sparked a Twitter feud over how to handle the euro crisis, according to Euro News, with the president responding “with a series of increasingly hysterical tweets – which Krugman eventually ignored.”

The tweets were captured and set to music as a ‘financial opera’ titled Nostra Culpa or Our Fault.

Latvian-born US composer Eugene Birman said: “The tweets and this entire text are so theatrical and so fantastically alive that it was very easy to set it to music. In that way it’s like really great poetry. There is so much drama, there is so much that is unsaid and because of that I found it very liberating to write a piece like this.”

The words for the 16 minute opera were written or edited by US journalist Scott Diel, who lives in Estonia. He said Nostra Culpa doesn’t take sides: “I’m not an economist but let’s say an informed reader, so the jury is still out for me. As far as who wins in the opera I think we have to let the reader decide, the listener decide.”

And here it is, for your listening pleasure:

(Opera image from Shutterstock)

@MaryCLong Mary C. Long is Chief Ghost at Digital Media Ghost. She writes about everything online and is published widely, with a focus on privacy concerns, specifically social sabotage.