Twitter Launches New Followers Dashboard to all Advertisers [Screenshot]

Twitter has unveiled another measurement tool for its advertisers: a Followers Dashboard where advertisers can view the interests, location, engagement level and other information about the Twitter users following their accounts.

This new module shows advertisers some pretty interesting stats about their followers – all in the aggregate.

For instance, they can view the most common interests among their followers, such as “social media”, “tech” or “news”. This can be used to see whether an advertiser is really targeting the niche they need to focus on, or whether they have a large number of followers who aren’t interested in what they have to sell.

The new dashboard also shows advertisers where their followers are located around the world, which could be used to adjust an advertiser’s tweet schedule to meet the needs of tweeters in specific timezones.

Advertisers will also see just how many of their followers have retweeted their content, dubbed “Engagement”. This shows how actively their followers are sharing their tweets.

As a Twitter spokesperson explained:

“[The new dashboard] answer[s advertisers’] biggest questions: where are my followers? What can you tell me about them? What are they into? And how engaged are they?”

You can check out a screenshot of the new Followers Dashboard for advertisers below:

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