Twitter Gets A Two Month Head Start Over Facebook On Bing

Yesterday we first wrote about the upcoming Bing integration with Facebook, however at the time we were expecting the launch of the service to be imminent. Instead, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, told the Telegraph that “We should have our public updates integrated into a Bing beta within a couple of months. Unlike Twitter’s data stream, which is already totally public, we have to be very careful about making sure the correct data is streamed.”

Oddly enough, we were also expecting some sort of announcement about Google integration given the rumors that surfaced via AllThingsD yesterday. At the time, both Kara Swisher of AllThingsD and Qi Lu of Microsoft alluded to the idea that Facebook had received some sort of financial incentive for sharing their stream data.

Within half an hour of our first article about Bing, Facebook adamantly denounced that there was any financial incentive behind their Bing agreement. While there’s no financial incentive, Facebook is still extremely close with Microsoft given the company’s previous $240 million investment and separate search agreement. That’s why we wouldn’t have been shocked to hear of another agreement which involved cash.

While Facebook may not be selling data, Twitter has no shame in doing so. According to Nicholas Carlson, the company wanted around $100 million to sign an agreement with Google. While we don’t know how much the company hoped for from Microsoft for their Bing agreement, we would assume that there’s some form of financial incentive for Twitter in both search agreements.

With an agreement signed, Twitter is now already live on Bing. Microsoft demoed the new Bing Twitter search on stage at Web 2.0 Summit yesterday in San Francisco and the service went live immediately after. Facebook however is weeks away and there is no information about just how much public data will be available to Bing. While Facebook has provided an “Everyone” privacy setting for profiles for some time now, we have no information about how many users have opted into that setting.

For now we’ll have to wait and see how this new Facebook integration with Bing functions. We’d assume that it will be similar to Twitter, however that’s all we can speculate at this point.